Data Analysis

Within your internal systems you have access to an abundance of data. Within Sales & Marketing and Staffing, but also your external social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. 

All this data presents a holistic, up to date picture of how your business is performing.

However, with so much data the key is to cut through the noise and analyse what it is that really matters to your business. 

Our analytics experts help you make faster, more informed decisions.

Our team includes accountants and data analysis experts who have years of practical experience analysing data and implementing opportunities in businesses. 

x10's practical experience helps our consultants to focus on what's really driving business performance and quickly identify improvement opportunities. Key areas we can help you analyse include:-

  • Customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction 

  • Sales performance including product mix, discounting and gross margins

  • Financial performance - current and projected 

  • Staff management and utilisation

  • Social media impact

We build reports tailored to your specific requirements that are visual, easy to understand and refreshed several times a day. 

Want help in writing or analysing your business information? Please get in touch.

Benefits of utilising your data

We believe in the benefits of data for any business. Instant, tangible and actionable insights to improve your business improvement. 

Make faster, more informed decisions

Build reports and dashboards designed to move you rapidly from data to insight and action. 

See a holistic picture of your business performance on one page and drill down to potential issues in seconds. 

Focus on the biggest improvement opportunities

Set targets and monitor the performance of key areas of your business.

Understand clearly where the opportunities are to improve efficiency, competitiveness and profitability.

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Are you looking for help writing or analysing your business information? 
Please get in touch. We offer a free, one hour consultation where we can discuss specific requirements in detail.

We can help with more than just data analytics

Systems Integration

Multiple, unconnected systems cost time and can lead to missed opportunities.

Project Management

Management of people, processes, data and systems is key to a successful project delivery.

Performance Improvement

Make managing your businesses' performance easy.

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