Kevin Cowan: Real-world business problems and solutions

This morning one of our founders, Kevin Cowan, gave a talk to third year students of the University of Glasgow discussing real-world business problems and case studies.

Kevin has worked within a variety of industries, including Hospitality, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Construction, Not-for-Profit Organisations and Media & Design. The depth of his experience has given him insight to problems which businesses in all sectors face, centred around four key themes he has uncovered: People, Processes, Technology and Data. These themes, Kevin suggests, are all connected by the threat and opportunity of change.

Three key points can be determined to take away from Kevin's lecture, which he believes to be part of any fundamental approach to business management;

1. Firstly, every businesses' success is hinged on the ability of people to innovate in the face of internal or external change. One student aptly pointed out during discussion of a case study that in the face of closure there truly was only one option for the Managing Director of the business, no matter what his intentions - he had to innovate.

2. Every success starts with good data. Several of Kevin's case studies centred around businesses whose poor data and reporting hindered their opportunities to succeed. In spite of implementing new highly capable technologies, companies struggled as their underlying data was simply no good.

3. Finally, a huge underlying theme of Kevin's lecture was the importance of people and their business processes. In spite of innovation and good data, businesses can fail if their team are insufficiently operating, supported or trained. On the other hand, businesses can thrive if the right members are given the training, direction or mentoring they need.

Kevin's talk with given in association with the Business School at the University of Glasgow.

If you'd like to discuss any of Kevin's points further, please get in touch - we'd love to talk.

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