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Microsoft Power BI and Performance Management Specialists

We can provide services from the start to finish of your data journey - and anywhere in between. 

Systems Integration

Multiple unconnected systems make reporting time consuming and opportunities for profit improvement can be easily missed.

We work with clients to integrate their systems and provide a platform for easy reporting. 

Reduce time spent in data preparation and invest more time in a quality review of your business improvement opportunities. 

Data Analytics

Focus on the areas that have the biggest impact on your business. 

Your business holds data in a wide range of systems which collectively present a holistic, up to date picture of how your business is performing. 

However, the volume of this data can make it hard to cut through the noise and easily understand the areas that really matter.

Our practical business experience allows us to focus on what's driving your business and quickly identify improvement opportunities.

Performance Improvement

Manage your business performance easily and more effectively.

No matter what your objectives, the importance of setting targets and measuring your progress is key to the growth of your business. 

Our experienced business analysts can guide and help you in several ways to ensure your business grows as you envision. 

Power BI Implementation

Powerful reports and dashboards designed to clearly show your business performance.

Microsoft Power BI resolves issues caused by unconnected systems and working with spreadsheets by allowing your data to be provided in one, flexible reporting solution.

Power BI allows reports to be produced and accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Project Management

Management of people, processes, data and systems is key to a successful project delivery.

Technology projects drive change which impact your people, data and existing business processes. Management of these changes is key to successful project delivery.

Our team of project managers have years of experience successfully delivering projects for a wide range of SME's and larger PLC's. We can work alongside your team to deliver support and ensure your project needs are met.


Our training service is flexible and tailored to your specific requirements - delivered on site or remotely.

We cover a broad range of topics to ensure you are benefitting from the systems you have in place.


Whether you are looking to train your team to build reports in Power BI, or to utilise the software to identify and implement your business improvement opportunities, we're here to help.

Interested in finding out more about what we can do for you? 
We offer a free, one hour consultation where we can discuss your requirements in more detail. 
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