Systems Integration

Multiple, unconnected systems cost time and can lead to missed opportunities. 

It's likely you have a large number of systems in your business. Everything from sales, marketing, finance and staffing through to Excel spreadsheets and external channels like Twitter and Facebook. 

The disparity between these systems leaves room for key problems to arise, including:- 

  • Time wasted rekeying data from one system to another

  • Debates within your team about the accuracy of the figures

  • Data provided for reporting is not up to date

Working around reporting difficulties means more time spent in data preparation and less time invested in a quality review of business improvement opportunities. 

The solution is conceptually simple. Integrate all of your systems and consolidate your data to provide one version of the truth.

We can help you to do this across all of your data without changing systems using Power BI.

Benefits of Integration

We believe the benefits of system integration are both instant and tangible - allowing you to see a holistic view of your business in no time.

Save time and effort

Eliminate wasted time consolidating data from multiple systems.

Up to date

Refresh data up to 8 times a day.

Single version of the truth

Create a single, consolidated reporting system that means that your team are all looking at the same information at the same time.

Focus on opportunities

Spend more time looking at opportunities for improving business performance. 

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We can help with more than just systems integration

Data Analysis

Focus on the areas that have the biggest impact on your business.

Project Management

Management of people, processes, data and systems is key to a successful project delivery.

Performance Improvement

Make managing your businesses' performance easy.

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