About Us

Bringing your ideas to market faster.


Team background

At x10, we specialise in helping companies innovate and grow using no-code software. The core team has extensive experience in launching, building and exiting businesses, including their own SaaS company, which was acquired by a leading financial software provider in the UK.


The issue with traditional development

Building our own software using a traditional development approach proved to be both time consuming and expensive. Sourcing developers and related funding brought unwelcome delay and extra risk to the product launch.


Why no-code?

Having completed the exit the team looked for a better way to launch new software. This led them to the use of no-code development tools, such as Bubble, which enable entrepreneurs and companies to launch faster whilst reducing the financial risk associated with traditional methods. 

The Founding Team

Karen headshot 2.jpg

Karen Dinwoodie

Co-founder & CPO

Karen trained in Finance with PWC before moving into software development and change management consultancy.


She co-founded and built her own financial SaaS business, where she was responsible for software design and development. After the business was acquired she enhanced her product management experience with the IRIS software group.


A practical problem solver, she is a strong advocate of using no-code software to launch and validate ideas.  

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Kevin Cowan

Co-founder & MD


Former Finance & IT Director, Kevin has extensive software selection, implementation and change management experience.

He worked with fast-growing start-up Sports.com which fuelled his interest in tech innovation. He initially helped start-ups and early-stage companies implement change programmes before focusing on building his own product ideas.


Having experienced the adverse impact coder availability can have on innovation, he now focuses on no-code as a better approach   

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